Associates in Research

Mable Chan   陈美宝

Mable Chan 陈美宝

Independent Scholar

Research interests: Western media partnership with China; American media and cultural influence on Chinese aspiration, mentality and identity; Cultural characteristics of Chinese students at American elite universities; Personality traits of Chinese migrant-entrepreneurs in America.

Dandan Chen

Dandan Chen

Farmingdale State College SUNY

Research interests: rise of Chinese political modernity; transformation of politics, culture, philosophy, and religion in modern China; interplay between traditional Chinese learning and Western philosophy

Andrew S. Erickson  艾立信

Andrew S. Erickson 艾立信

U.S. Naval War College

Research interests: China defense and foreign policy; China maritime and aerospace technology development, history and current status; China energy, resources, and geostrategy; Sino-American relations and contemporary policy issues