Frederic Grant, "The Canton Guaranty System (1780-1842)"


Tuesday, January 29, 2013 (All day)

Time:  12:15 pm
The Canton Guaranty System (1780-1842)
Frederic D. Grant, Jr.
, Independent Scholar
The Qing state imposed a collective guaranty among the hong merchants of the foreign debts of failed guild members as the result of British gunboat diplomacy in 1780. This collective guaranty was terminated as a result of the Opium War in 1842. It was the only part of the Canton System generally approved by Western traders. Frederic Grant will present new research on the "Canton Guaranty System," considering its sources in Chinese tradition and in the Qing administration, its troubled history, and its later influence in the United States and across the modern world.

Frederic Grant has longstanding research interests on matters of debt and guarantee in trade between China and the West. Mr. Grant received JD from Boston College Law School and recently received his doctorate from Leiden University with a dissertation on the Canton Guaranty System. He is an associate in research of the Fairbank Center and practices law in Boston.

Location: CGIS South, Room S153, 1730 Cambridge Street, Harvard University