Peggy Chiao, "Entering the Golden Era of Chinese Language Cinema"


Thursday, November 8, 2012, 12:00pm

Entering the Golden Era of Chinese Language Cinema
Peggy Hsiung-ping Chiao,
executive producer of Datong: The Great Society

Asia's film market is rapidly changing with the rise of the miraculous Chinese market. China now stands as the third largest film market in the world, and very possibly will surpass Japan as the second in 2012. With a firm alliance among China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in the works, a central Mandarin film industry is on the horizon. The focus of Peggy Chiao’s talk will be on how this market will change China, Asia, and essentially Hollywood. When a China theater chain merges with AMC to become the largest theater chain in the world, when a China film company merges with Digital Domain, which specialized the special effects in Avatar and Titanic, and when James Cameron starts to set up collaboration in Tianjin, China, people begin to speculate people begin to speculate as to whether China films can remain autonomous to the China market only. Will they expand to export around Asia, like the Korean cinema, or even eventually pose a challenge to the hegemony that Hollywood has held for a century?

Taiwanese film producer Peggy Hsiung-ping Chiao is a pioneering critic-cum-promoter of Chinese-language films, especially films from Taiwan. Her award-winning films include Beijing Bicycle (2001), Blue Gate Crossing (2002), Empire of Silver (2009), Hear Me (2009),and  Love You 10000 Years (2010). She is a columnist and book author whose contribution to international film culture has been recognized both at home and abroad. She is the recipient of the 2011-12 William Randolph Hearst Fellow Award from the College of Communication, the University of Texas at Austin, her alma mater.

In addition to this lecture, the film Datong:The Great Society 大同:康有為在瑞典 will screen at 4:00 pm, followed by discussion with Peggy Chiao and director Evans Chan. For screening location and film details, click here.

Lecture Location: CGIS South, Doris and Ted Lee Gathering Room (S030), 1730 Cambridge Street, Harvard University