2011 - 2012 Fellowship and Grant Recipients

The Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies is pleased to announce the following award recipients for Summer 2011 and Academic Year 2011-2012

An Wang Postdoctoral Fellows

Jennifer Altehenger, Departmental Lecturer, Modern Chinese History, Oxford University

Roy Bing Chan, Assistant Professor, Chinese Studies, College of William and Mary

Jui-Man (Mandy) Wu, Research Associate, University of Pittsburgh

Princeton-Harvard China and the World Program Postdoctoral Fellows

Alison Kaufman, PhD, 2007, Political Science, University of California, Berkeley; CNA China Studies, Alexandria, VA

Boliang Zhu, PhD, 2012, Political Science, Columbia University

Desmond and Whitney Shum Fellows

Zachary I. Barter, Government, "Private Education in Post-Mao China"

Nicholas R. Smith, Urban Planning, "Hailong Village: Conceptions, Practices and Spaces in the Transformation of China's Urbanizing Villages"

Graduate Student Associates

Andrew Scott Conning, Graduate School of Education, "The internationalization of higher education in the PRC"

Dong Kyun Im, Sociology, "Popular Attitudes toward economic inequality in China: Longitudinal and Cross-National Comparisons"

Sung Won Kim, Graduate School of Education, "Including fathers in the picture: A mixed method study on mother and father tutoring in urban China"

Angie Lai, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, "Feeling Chinese: Embodied Writing and Intercultural Film"

Benjamin Levey, History and East Asian Languages and Civilizations, "The Jungar Borderlands under Qing Rule 1723-1800"

Cuilan Liu, Sanskrit and Indian Studies, "Singing, Reciting and Chanting: The Nature and Role of Music in Buddhism"

Andy Rodekohr, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, "The figure of the crowd in modern Chinese literature/ art/ film"

Jonathan Schlesinger, History and East Asian Languages and Civilizations, "The Invention of Natural Objects and Places in the Qing Empire, 1750-1850"

Erin Schlumpf, Comparative Literature, "Melancholy, Ambivalence, and Exhaustion: Responses to National Trauma in the Literature and Film of France and China"

Yingzhi Zhao, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, "The Literary Culture of 17th Century China"

Fairbank Center Graduate Summer Research Grants

Erin Baggott, Government, research on legal petitions in Chinese provinces

Eric Castillo, Human Evolutionary Biology, "Energetics and Biomechanics of Load Carrying in Chinese Ports: Can Springy Bamboo Poles Improve Energy Economy?"

Sheena Chestnut, Government, "Intelligent Autocrats: Secret Police & State Violence Under Authoritarianism"

Jade D’Alpoim Guedes, Anthropology, "Adaptation and Invention during the Spread and Intensification of Agriculture in the Chengdu Plain"

Devon Dear, Inner Asian and Altaic Studies, research in the archive of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region in Hohhot, China, specifically research in Fond 501, the archives of the Hulunbuir region

Zeyneb Hale Eroglu Sager, Inner Asian and Altaic Studies, intellectual history of Chinese-Muslims during Republican China and how they defined their identity in a modernizing China in interaction with the intellectuals of the Muslim world"

Macabe Keliher, History and East Asian Languages, "The Board of Rites and the Institutionalization of Political Order in Late Imperial China"

Natalie Koehle, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, "The Development of the Concepts of Phlegm and Fire in Post-Classical Chinese Medicine"

Martin Kroher, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, the change in relationships and the debates between major actors between 1069 and 1074, exploring how and why Wang Anshi failed to keep and gain the support and confidence of his contemporaries

Melissa Lefkowtiz, Regional Studies - East Asia, "The African in China’s Cultural Memory"

Ian Miller, History and East Asian Languages, large-scale migration from Jiangxi to central China, dike and terrace construction and environmental degradation

Meredith Schweig, Music, "The Song Readers: Underground Rap and the Politics of Storytelling in Taiwan"

Xiaosu Sun, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Baojuan (precious scrolls) of the late imperial period in the Wu-dialect region, China

Yang Wei, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, political disputes and the collective activities in the local society in the lower Yangtze delta in 1580-1644 and how they are connected to the rise of the concept of public opinion

Min Zhang, Anthropology, "How the Steel is Tempered: Auditing, Politics and Person-Making in a Rural Chinese Middle School"

Graduate Summer Language Grants

Nom Arkaraprasertkul, Anthropology, Chinese language study

Christopher Foster, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Chinese language study

Amy Greer Meisels, Regional Studies-East Asia, Chinese language study

Undergraduate Summer Language Grants

Victoria Bartlett, Chemical and Physical Biology & East Asian Studies, Chinese language study

Julie Zhang, Computer Science and East Asian Studies, Chinese language study

Undergraduate Optional Winter-Term Grants

Andrew Boyd, History and Literature, Shanghai Theater Academy Winter Institute

Harleen Gambhir, Social Studies, HCHANCE rural China service and research

Breanna Johnson, Human Developmental and Regenerative Biology, HCHANCE rural China service and research

Sara Lytle, Comparative Study of Religion, HCHANCE rural China service and research

Kennedy Mukuna, Mathematics and African Studies, HCHANCE rural China service and research

Sophia Wen, Social Studies, HCHANCE rural China service and research

Junior Faculty Grants

Rowan Flad, Associate Professor, Anthropology, to begin a multi-year collaborative archaeological project in southern Gansu

Vanessa Fong, Associate Professor, Graduate School of Education, for study on childrearing practices of Chinese parents and effects of gender preference

Karen Thornber, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature, book research for "Global Health and World Literatures: East Asia and the Indian Ocean Rim"

James Robson, Associate Professor, East Asian Languages and Civilizations, research on religious therapies and mental health care in modern Taiwan and China