Database Projects

China Map

Sponsored by the Lee and Juliet Folger Fund with support from the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies and the Weatherhead Center for International Affairs.  In partnership with Social Explorer.

China Biographical Database Project (CBDB)

The China Biographical Database is an online relational database with biographical information about approximately 112,000 individuals as of April 2011, primarily from the seventh through nineteenth centuries. The data is meant to be useful for statistical, social network, and spatial analysis as well as serving as a kind of biographical reference.  The development of CBDB is now a joint project of the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, the Institute of History and Philology of Academia Sinica, and the Center for Research on Ancient Chinese History at Peking University.

China Historical Geographic Information System Project (CHGIS)

The China Historical Geographic Information System, CHGIS, project was launched in January 2001 to establish a database of populated places and historical administrative units for the period of Chinese history between 221 BCE and 1911 CE. CHGIS provides a base GIS platform for researchers to use in spatial analysis, temporal statistical modeling, and representation of selected historical units as digital maps.