Associates in Research

 Bridie Andrews

Bridie Andrews

Bentley University

Research interests: medicine in 20th century China; international drugs trades; "Handbook of Chinese Medical Literature"

Nancy Berliner

Nancy Berliner

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Research interests: Chinese painting; Jews of China

Maggie Bickford

Brown University

Research interests: Song manuscript culture; imperial Song management of China’s cultural legacy; auspicious visuality in China; "Bird-and-Flower Painting in Song China: An Aesthetic of Information and its Visual Outcomes"

Susan  H. Bush

Susan H. Bush

Independent Scholar

Research interests: Mi/Sima "Poetry Illustrations" as an historical document; Song Buddhist temple murals

Meina Cai

Meina Cai

University of Conneticut

Research interests: China's political economy, land property rights, rural governance

I-fan Cheng

Independent scholar

Research interests: China, BCE; philosophy of history

Parks  M. Coble

Parks M. Coble

University of Nebraska

Research interests: Sino-Japanese War 1937-1945 and its aftermath; capitalism in modern China

Paola Dematté

Paola Dematté

Rhode Island School of Design

Research interests: Chinese and East Asian archaeology; Chinese religion; Buddhism and Christianity in China