Associates in Research

Poul Andersen

Poul Andersen

University of Hawaii at Manoa

Research interests: existential philosophy, ritual and visual culture of Daoism, and continental philosophy of truth and the subject

Qianshen Bai

Qianshen Bai

Boston University

Research interests: Wu Dacheng (1835-1902) and the modern fate of Chinese literati culture

Nancy Berliner

Nancy Berliner

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

Research interests: Chinese painting; Jews of Asia

Susan  H. Bush

Susan H. Bush

Independent Scholar

Research interests: Revising "Expressive Content in Early Chinese Painting" article on Mi-Sima handscroll for Archives of Asian Art

Dandan Chen

Dandan Chen

State University of New York, Farmingdale

Research interests: rise of Chinese political modernity; transformation of politics, culture, philosophy, and religion in modern China; interplay between traditional Chinese learning and Western philosophy

I-fan Cheng

Independent scholar

Research interests: origins of Chinese Daoism; early Chinese thought

Parks  M. Coble

Parks M. Coble

University of Nebraska

Research interests: Sino-Japanese War 1937-1945 and its aftermath; capitalism in modern China