Michael Szonyi (宋怡明)

Michael Szonyi (宋怡明)

Professor of Chinese History
Michael  Szonyi (宋怡明)

Michael Szonyi is Director of the Fairbank Center at Harvard University and Professor of Chinese History in Harvard’s Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations.  His research uses a combination of traditional textual study and contemporary fieldwork to explore the local history of southeast China from the Ming dynasty to the twentieth century. His previous books include Practicing Kinship (Stanford, 2002) and Cold War Island: Quemoy on the Front Line (Cambridge, 2008). Professor Szonyi is currently finishing a book on the social lives of Ming soldiers and their families.  He is also the editor of the forthcoming Blackwell Companion to Chinese History. Szonyi received his B.A. from the University of Toronto and his D.Phil. from Oxford University, where he was a Rhodes Scholar. He has also studied at National Taiwan University and Xiamen University. Prior to coming to Harvard in 2005 he taught at McGill University and University of Toronto.  He has served as Director of Undergraduate Studies for East Asian Studies and Chair of the Committee on Regional Studies East Asia ((RSEA-M.A. program).  He has a joint appointment in the Department of History.

宋怡明教授 (Michael A. Szonyi),现为哈佛大学东亚语言文明系中国历史学教授,费正清研究中心主任,明清及中国近代社会史学家。擅于利用历史人类学和田野调查方法研究中国东南地区的社会史,目前正致力研究明朝军户的历史。宋怡明教授早年于加拿大多伦多大学获得学士学位,其後又在英国牛津大学攻读博士。期间他先後到台湾大学以及厦门大学访学。其著作包括Practicing Kinship: Lineage and Descent in Late Imperial China (实行家族:明清家族组织研究) (2002) 与 Cold War Island: Quemoy on the Front Line (冷战岛:处于前线的金门) (2008)。

Research interests: local history of southeast China, especially in the Ming dynasty; the history of Chinese popular religion; overseas Chinese history.

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