Center Associates

Paul A. Cohen (柯文)

Paul A. Cohen (柯文)

Professor of History Emeritus, Wellesley College

Research interests: Chinese history (especially 19th-20th centuries), historiography, nationalism, tension between critical history & popular memory

Joseph  Fewsmith (傅士卓)

Joseph Fewsmith (傅士卓)

Professor of International Relations and Political Science, Boston University

Research interests:  comparative politics, Chinese domestic and international politics.

Merle Goldman (戈德曼)

Merle Goldman (戈德曼)

Professor of History Emerita, Boston University

Research interests: modern Chinese history, including political reform and the struggle for political rights in reform era China; history of Chinese intellectuals and literary dissent.

Robert  S. Ross (陸伯彬)

Robert S. Ross (陸伯彬)

Professor of Political Science, Boston College

Research interests: U.S.-China relations; Chinese foreign policy; Chinese negotiation behavior; Chinese security and defense policies; Chinese nationalism

Ellen  Widmer (魏愛蓮)

Ellen Widmer (魏愛蓮)

Mayling Song Professor of Chinese Studies, Wellesley College

Research Interests: gender in Chinese literature, comparative East Asian literatures, Chinese fiction, family history, and media ecology in late Qing-China