Programs & Events

Charles Neuhauser Memorial Lecture

The Charles Neuhauser Memorial Lecture was established in 1988 through the generosity of Paul Neuhauser in honor of his brother Charles, a senior analyst with the Central Intelligence Agency from 1958 until 1981. This annual lecture is delivered by a China specialist whose career has brought together the worlds of public service and academic scholarship.

China Humanities Seminar

Faculty Organizer: James Robson
Graduate Student Organizer: Billy French

Organized by faculty and graduate students of the Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, this seminar series addresses Chinese literature, history, philosophy, religion, art history, and the performing arts.

Faculty Organizers: Michael Puett Robert Weller

This workshop focuses on cutting edge research in the study of Chinese religions. By inviting scholars from different disciplinary perspectives and with different areas of specialty, this workshop explores the complexity of Chinese religions, both in the past and in the ethnographic present.

Critical Issues Confronting China

Faculty Organizer: Ezra F. Vogel, William Hsiao, & William Overholt

The purpose of this series is to consider the complex issues China is presently facing and to view them in a comprehensive manner, including political, economic, and social perspectives. In addition, invited speakers will examine the issues in a broader cultural and historical setting and look at the range of choices Chinese leaders might make to respond to the challenges and opportunities they confront. Co-sponsored by the Harvard University Asia Center and the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies.

Edwin O. Reischauer Lectures

The Edwin O. Reischauer Lectures were established in 1986 to honor Professor Reischauer's distinguished contributions to the study of East Asia. Each year, these three consecutive lectures are offered on a theme that explores relationships and bonds among the countries of East Asia and the world.

Emergent Visions: New Independent Documentaries

Faculty Organizer: Jie Li
Graduate Student Organizers: Benny Shaffer

Emergent Visions presents new and innovative works of independent cinema from mainland China and Taiwan, followed by scholarly discussions led by faculty and students. The selected documentary and narrative films reveal distinct, compelling cinematic visions that all share a commitment to serving as witness to the rapid changes taking place in China today. 

Environment in Asia Workshop

Faculty Organizer: Ling Zhang

Gender Studies Workshop

Faculty Organizer: Ellen Widmer
This workshop brings together scholars whose research on China in various disciplines and time periods examines the significance of gender in social, cultural, economic, and political contexts.

Postdoctoral Fellow Presentation

An Wang Postdoctoral Fellows and Princeton-Harvard China and the World Postdoctoral Fellows at the Fairbank Center share their current research projects.

Special Presentations

Scholars and experts share their work outside of the regular seminar series.

Taiwan Studies Workshop

Faculty Organizer: Steven Goldstein