With the Association for opens in a new windowAsian Studies Annual Conferenceopens PDF file in Toronto just around the corner, the Fairbank Center has a handy guide for how to decide which of the myriad of panels you could attend. Below, we take a look at our faculty, associates, graduate students and alumnae and alumni who are presenting this year, and check out the full line up of panels opens in a new windowhereopens PDF file .



Panel 26. C 7:30PM-9:30PM Provincial Ballroom North, 2nd Floor

Materia Manhuanica: Reading Chinese Cartoons – Sponsored by The Huang Yao Foundation

Chaired by/Discussant: opens in a new windowEileen Cheng-yin Chow, Duke University (Alum)

Panelists: John A. Crespi, Colgate University; Madeline L. Gent, University of Maryland, College Park; R. Orion Martin, Independent Scholar; Nick Stember, Translator


Panel 28. C 7:30PM-9:30PM Forest Hill, 4th Floor

Taking Care of the Rich and Poor in Contemporary China

Chaired by Jean C. Oi, Stanford University

Panelists: opens in a new windowShuang Lu Frost, Harvard University (Ph.D. Candidate) (Anti-Communities: Precarious Living in Shanghai’s Hidden Slums); Hao Chen, Boston University; opens in a new windowAdam K. Frost, Harvard University (Ph.D. Candidate) (Pauper Economics: The Economy of Begging in Northwest China); Yujeong Yang, University of Michigan; Lianrui Jia, York University


Panel 29. C 7:30PM-9:30PM Civic Ballroom South, 2nd Floor

Powers of Persuasion: Representing China to Western Audiences in the Nineteenth Century

Chaired by opens in a new windowCaroline Reeves, Harvard University (Fairbank Associate in Research)

Panelists: John M. Carroll, University of Hong Kong; Rosalien van der Poel, Museum Volkenkunde/National Museum of World Cultures; Richard S. Horowitz, California State University, Northridge


Panel 32. C 7:30PM-9:30PM Norfolk, Mezzanine

Broken Bodies and Destroyed Lands: Practices of Care in Precarious Times

Chaired by Cara M. Healey, University of California, Santa Barbara; Discussant: Robin Visser, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

Panelists: Karen S. Kingsbury, Chatham University; opens in a new windowCorey Byrnes, Northwestern University (Harvard University Postdoctoral Fellow) (When a Landscape is Like a Body); Cara M. Healey, University of California, Santa Barbara; Hangping Xu, Stanford University





Panel 36. BC 10:30AM-12:30PM Norfolk, Mezzanine

Revisiting New Womanhood in East Asia and Its Ties to Missionary Initiatives

Chair: Hyaeweol Choi, Australian National University; Discussant: Laura R. Prieto, Simmons College

Panelists: opens in a new window Ellen Widmer, Wellesley College (Fairbank Associate), (Friendship and Christianity in the Life of Zhang Zhujun); Hyaeweol Choi, Australian National University; Noriko K. Ishii, Sophia University


SOCIAL SCIENCE Panel 34. BC ROUNDTABLE 10:30AM-12:30PM Willow Centre, Mezzanine

Economic History and the Past and Future of Asian Studies

Chaired by Madeleine Zelin, Columbia University; Discussants: Anand V. Swamy, Williams College Janet E. Hunter, London School of Economics

Panelists: Thomas G. Rawski, University of Pittsburgh; Ethan Segal, Michigan State University; Siddharth Chandra, Michigan State University; opens in a new windowElisabeth Koll, University of Notre Dame (Fairbank Associate in Research)


Panel 66. C 10:30AM-12:30PM Chestnut East, Mezzanine

Hidden Traces of the Repertoire: Reconstructing Chinese Theatre Practice in the Maoist Period

Chaired by/Discussant Xiaomei Chen, University of California, Davis

Panelists: Siyuan Liu, University of British Columbia; Anne Rebull, University of Chicago; Maggie Greene, Montana State University;  opens in a new windowTarryn Li-Min Chun, University of Michigan (Alum) (Sent-Down Plays: Yangbanxi and Rural Performance in the Chinese Cultural Revolution


Panel 68. C 10:30AM-12:30PM Provincial Ballroom North, 2nd Floor

Unruly Women and an Unruled Republic: State and Individual Survival through Female Unruliness

Chaired by/Discussant Gail Hershatter, University of California, Santa Cruz

Panelists: opens in a new windowPhilip Thai, Northeastern University (Fairbank Associate in Research) (Gendered Dimensions of Smuggling on the China Coast, 1928–37); Weiting Guo, Simon Fraser University; Shu Yang, University of the South; Yunxiang Gao, Ryerson University


Panel 71. C 10:30AM-12:30PM Chestnut West, Mezzanine

Chinese (Post-) Socialism and the Global Imaginary

Chaired by Laurence Coderre, New York University; Discussant: Ban Wang, Stanford University

Panelists: opens in a new windowRoy B. Chan, University of Oregon (Alum) (Bodies in Motion: Realism and the Poetics of Popular Sovereignty in China and Russia); Laurence Coderre, New York University; Erin Y. Huang, Princeton University; Yun-Chu Tsai, University of California, Irvine


Panel 79. BC ROUNDTABLE 12:45PM-2:45PM Dominion Ballroom North, 2nd Floor

JAS at AAS: The Flow of Migration beyond the Nation – Sponsored by the Journal of Asian Studies

Discussants: Engseng Ho, Duke University/NUS; opens in a new windowRian Thum, Loyola University, New Orleans(Alum); Jaeeun Kim, University of Michigan; opens in a new windowEmma Teng, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Fairbank Associate in Research)


Panel 99. SEA 12:45PM-2:45PM Grand Ballroom East, Lower Concourse

Periods and Patterns in the Vietnamese Past

Chair: Charles P. Keith, Michigan State University; Discussant: opens in a new windowHue-Tam Ho Tai, Harvard University

Panelists: Liam C. Kelley, University of Hawaii at Mānoa; Charles P. Keith, Michigan State University; Haydon L. Cherry, Northwestern University; Brett M. Reilly, University of Wisconsin–Madison


Panel 101. C 12:45PM-2:45PM Civic Ballroom North, 2nd Floor

Beyond the Tang-Song Transition: New Visions of Tenth-Century China

Discussant: Nicolas Tackett, University of California, Berkeley

Panelists: Megan Bryson, University of Tennessee, Knoxville; opens in a new windowXin Wen, Harvard University (Ph.D. Candidate/Graduate Student Associate) (Remembering the “Great Disunity”: The Political Legitimation of Fragmentation in Tenth-Century China); Bo Liu, John Carroll University; Thomas J. Mazanec, Princeton University


Panel 103. C 12:45PM-2:45PM Yorkville West, 4th Floor

Sino-Russian/Soviet Encounter

Chaired by Elizabeth McGuire, California State University, East Bay; Discussant: Austin T. Jersild, Old Dominion University

Panelists:  opens in a new windowXiaolu Ma, Harvard University (Ph.D. Candidate) (Humanism or Individualism: Tolstoy’s Religious Humanism and the Divergence between the Zhou Brothers); Kui Hao, Henan Polytechnic University; Yan Li, Oakland University; Jessica Ka Yee Chan, University of Richmond


Panel 104. C 12:45PM-2:45PM Birchwood Ballroom, Mezzanine

The Anthropocene Viewed from China and Inner Asia – Sponsored by the AAS China and Inner Asia Council (CIAC)

Chaired by/Discussant Ralph A. Litzinger, Duke University

Panelists: Mark Aldenderfer, University of California, Merced; opens in a new windowLing Zhang, Boston College (Fairbank Associate in Research) (So, It’s about the “Anthropos” Again?); Jerry Zee, University of California, Santa Cruz; Emily T. Yeh, University of Colorado, Boulder


Panel 108. C ROUNDTABLE 12:45PM-2:45PM Linden, Mezzanine

The Crackdown on Yanhuang Chunqiu: History, Memory, and Nationalism

Chaired by Vera Schwarcz, Wesleyan University

Discussants: opens in a new windowRowena Xiaoqing He, Saint Michael’s College (Fairbank Associate in Research/Alum); Youyu Xu, The New School; Jian Guo, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater


Panel 118. BC 3:00PM-5:00PM Peel, Mezzanine

Smugglers, Castaways and Sailors: Informal Diplomacy in Early Modern East Asia

Chaired by Hyeok Hweon “H.H.” Kang, Harvard University (Ph.D. Student); Discussant: Robert I. Hellyer, Wake Forest University

Panelists: opens in a new windowHyeok Hweon “H.H.” Kang, Harvard University (Ph.D. Student) (Gunrunning Diplomacy: Military Trade and Chosŏn-Tokugawa Relations, 1607-1671); Sigfrid S. Ostberg, University of Oxford; opens in a new windowJonas Manuel Ruegg, Harvard University (Ph.D. Candidate) (Castaways on Hachijō, Or: Ad Hoc Diplomacy in the Periphery of the Tokugawa State); Viktor E. Shmagin, Fort Lewis College


Panel 135. C 3:00PM-5:00PM Yorkville West, 4th Floor

Intermediality in Chinese Cinema and Visual Culture

Chaired by Xiaowen Xu, Syracuse University

Panelists: Christopher K. Tong, University of Maryland, Baltimore; opens in a new windowDylan Suher, Harvard University (Ph.D. Candidate) (County “Getting Electrocuted”: The Television Aesthetic of Wang Shuo); Christopher Lupke, University of Alberta; Margaret Hillenbrand, University of Oxford


Panel 137. C 3:00PM-5:00PM Maple East, Mezzanine

Transformations under Xi: A Critical Perspective on Political Change in China

Chaired by Andrew H. Wedeman, Georgia State University; Discussant: Kecheng Fang, University of Pennsylvania

Panelists:  opens in a new windowYuhua Wang, Harvard University (How Corruption Investigations Undermine Regime Support: Evidence from China); Sida Liu, University of Toronto; Suzanne E. Scoggins, Clark University; Maria Repnikova, Georgia State University


Panel 139. C 3:00PM-5:00PM Kent, 2nd Floor

Socialist Cultural Remnants in Post-Socialist China: Performance, Memory, and the Market

Chaired by/Discussant Brian J. DeMare, Tulane University

Panelists: Ka-ming Wu, Chinese University of Hong Kong; opens in a new windowFei Ge, Harvard University; Nanjing University (Fairbank Visiting Scholar) (The Contradictory Functions and Overlapping Space of a CountyLevel Cultural Center); Man He, Williams College; I-Yi Hsieh, New York University Shanghai


Panel 141. C 3:00PM-5:00PM Simcoe, 2nd Floor

Urbanization and Governance in Contemporary China

Chaired by Dali Yang, University of Chicago; Discussant: Lynette H. Ong, University of Toronto

Panelists: opens in a new windowKyle A. Jaros, University of Oxford (Alum) (The State as Enabler: Provincial Policies and Land-Intensive Development); Christopher R. Heurlin, Bowdoin College; Meina Cai, University of Connecticut; Xin Sun, University of Oxford





Panel 177. BC 8:30AM-10:30AM Maple West, Mezzanine

Statecraft and Forest Resources in Pre-Industrial China and Korea

Chaired by Adam C. Bohnet, King’s University College at UWO

Panelists: opens in a new windowBrian G. Lander, Harvard University (Post-Doctoral Fellow) (State Exploitation of Forests in Qin); opens in a new windowJohn S. Lee, Harvard University (Ph.D. Candidate) (An Imposition of Pines: The Beginnings of State Forestry in Early Chosŏn Korea, 1392-1494); Yuan Chen, Yale University; Moonyong Kim, Korea University


Panel 197. C ROUNDTABLE 8:30AM-10:30AM Dominion Ballroom North, 2nd Floor

60 Years Later: Reflecting the History and Scholarship of the Anti-Rightist Campaign

Chaired by Yidi Wu, University of California, Irvine

Discussants: Perry Link, Princeton University; opens in a new windowRoderick MacFarquhar, Harvard University; Yongyi Song, California State University, Los Angeles; Peng Deng, High Point University


Panel 204. C 8:30AM-10:30AM Kenora, 2nd Floor

Two-Part Panel: Aesthetics and Political Cultures in the PRC, 1949-1966.

Part One: Constructing New Communist Culture: Aesthetics and Cultural Politics in 1950s China

Discussant: opens in a new windowDenise Y. Ho, Yale University (Alum)

Panelists: opens in a new windowLex Jing Lu, Clark University (Fairbank Associate in Research) (Maoist Beauty Templates: Decodifying Leadership Images in the Early People’s Republic of China); Lin Jiao, SOAS, University of London; Kim Hunter Gordon, Royal Holloway, University of London; Yuyu (Lara) Yang, SOAS, University of London


Panel 210. BC 10:45AM-12:45PM Pine West, Mezzanine

Fantastic Literatures in Japan, Korea, and China

Chaired by/Discussant opens in a new windowMingwei Song, Wellesley College (Alum)

Raechel L. Dumas, San Diego State University; Ji Shouse, University of Colorado, Boulder; G. Andrew Stuckey, University of Colorado, Boulder Discussant: Mingwei Song, Wellesley College


Panel 239. C 10:45AM-12:45PM Dominion Ballroom South, 2nd Floor

China and the Global South: A Humanistic Perspective – Sponsored by the AAS China and Inner Asia Council (CIAC)

Chaired by opens in a new windowCarlos Rojas, Duke University (Alum); Discussant: Lisa B. Rofel, University of California, Santa Cruz

T. Tu Huynh, Jinan University; Nellie Chu, University of Goettingen; Megan M. Ferry, Union College; opens in a new windowCarlos Rojas, Duke University (Alum) (Writing Sex in Southeast Asia)


Panel 256. BC 3:00PM-5:00PM Pine West, Mezzanine

Challenging Authoritarianism in East and Southeast Asia

Chaired by opens in a new windowNara Dillon, Harvard University; Discussants: opens in a new windowSheena Chestnut Greitens, University of Missouri (Fairbank Associate in Research); opens in a new windowNara Dillon, Harvard University

Panelists: Chih-Jou Jay Chen, Academia Sinica; Joan E. Cho, Wesleyan University; Erik M. Kuhonta, McGill University; Jiayun Elvin Ong, Emory University


Panel 273. C 3:00PM-5:00PM Provincial Ballroom South, 2nd Floor

Beyond “Commercial Warfare”: Rethinking International Business Interactions in Modern China

Chaired by Linda Grove, Sophia University; Discussant: opens in a new windowParks M. Coble, University of Nebraska, Lincoln (Fairbank Center Associate in Research)

Panelists: Bert Becker, The University of Hong Kong; Ghassan Moazzin, University of Cambridge; Fei-Hsien Wang, Indiana University-Bloomington


Panel 277. C 3:00PM-5:00PM Birchwood Ballroom, Mezzanine

Information, Texts, and Intermediaries in the Making of Global Knowledge about Late Imperial China

Chaired by/Discussant Timothy Brook, University of British Columbia

Panelists:  opens in a new windowDevin Fitzgerald, Harvard University (Ph.D. Candidate) (Imperium Imperii: The Qing Empire in the Late-Seventeenth and Early-Eighteenth-Century World); opens in a new windowEugenio Menegon, Boston University (Fairbank Associate in Research) (Court Missionaries as Imperial Informants in Late Imperial China and Europe); Henrietta Harrison, Oxford University (Alum) (Chinese in London, 1792: The Puzzle of What was Not Known); Emily Mokros, Albion College


Panel 280. C 3:00PM-5:00PM Churchill, 2nd Floor

Identifying China’s Modern Intellectual-Political Transition: Debates over Intellectual Values in the Pursuit of Cultural and Political Agency, 1895-1911

Chaired by opens in a new windowPeter K. Bol, Harvard University; Discussant: Wen-hsin Yeh, University of California, Berkeley

Panelists: Jean Tsui, The City University of New York, College of Staten Island; Tsuyoshi Ishii, University of Tokyo; opens in a new windowWen Yu, Harvard University (Graduate Student)


Panel 299. C 5:15PM-7:15PM Maple East, Mezzanine

Poetry and Empire

Chaired by Paul W. Kroll, University of Colorado, Boulder; Discussant: Jack W. Chen, University of Virginia

Panelists: Martin Kern, Princeton University; Harrison Huang, Columbia University; opens in a new windowXiaofei Tian, Harvard University (Writing Empire, Writing Self in Early Medieval Poetry); Lucas R. Bender, Yale University


Panel 301. C 5:15PM-7:15PM Leaside, 4th Floor

If I Took Those Words Away: Moving Beyond Text-Centered “Readings” of Mao-Era Cultural Production

Chaired by Weihong Bao, University of California, Berkeley; Discussant: Nicole Huang, University of Wisconsin–Madison

Panelists: Marie Paulina Hartono, University of California, Berkeley; Eldon Pei, Stanford University; opens in a new windowMax L. Bohnenkamp, Harvard University (Revolutionary Glamour in 3D: From Affective Spectatorship to Sensorial Spectacle in the Remediation of The White-Haired Girl)






Panel 328. C 8:30AM-10:30AM, Provincial Ballroom North, 2nd Floor

Disrupting Histories of War and Peace in China, 1839-1951

Chaired by/Discussant: Kenneth Pomeranz, University of Chicago

Panelists: Xin Zhang, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis; Stephen Halsey, University of Miami; Megan Greene, University of Kansas; Charles W. Hayford, Independent Scholar, Emeritus (Alum) (“Western Histories of Wars in East Asia, 1895-1951: Rhetoric, Tellability, and Believability”)


Panel 329. C 8:30AM-10:30AM Civic Ballroom South, 2nd Floor

Revisiting the Ladders of Success: New Approaches to Social Mobility in Qing and Republican China

Chaired by James Z. Lee, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology; Discussant: opens in a new windowHilde De Weerdt, Leiden Institute of Area Studies (Alum)

Panelists: Shiuon Chu, Brown University; Yifei Huang, Microsoft Research; Chen Liang, Nanjing University; Lawrence L. Zhang, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology; James Z. Lee, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology


Panel 334. C 8:30AM-10:30AM Kenora, 2nd Floor

Ethnicity, Property, and State: Comparative Perspectives on the Relationship between Non-Han and Han Chinese at the Margins of Qing China

Chaired by opens in a new windowMichael Szonyi, Harvard University; Discussants: Michael Szonyi, Harvard University; Jodi L. Weinstein, College of New Jersey

Panelists: Yuanyuan Qiu, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; Wei-chieh Tsai, Indiana University-Bloomington; Cheng-Heng Lu, Emory University; Li-wan Hung, Academia Sinica


Panel 339. C 8:30AM-10:30AM Dufferin, 2nd Floor

Chinese Financial History in Local and Global Contexts

Chaired by Emily M. Hill, Queen’s University; Discussant: opens in a new windowFelix A. Boecking, University of Edinburgh (Alum)

Panelists: Luman Wang, Virginia Military Institute; Austin Dean, University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Matthew Lowenstein, University of Chicago; Robert Cole, New York University


Panel 346. BC 10:45AM-12:45PM Peel, Mezzanine

Intellectual History beyond the Nation-State: Trans-Border Ethnicities on the Chinese Periphery

Chaired by opens in a new windowKhohchahar E. Chuluu, The University of Tokyo (Harvard Yenching Academy Alum); Discussant: Christopher P. Atwood, University of Pennsylvania

Panelists:  opens in a new windowMiya Qiong Xie, Harvard University (Ph.D. Candidate/Graduate Student Associate) (Border Crossing, Minority Writing, and “Linguistic Purity”); Makoto Tachibana, Shimonoseki City University; opens in a new windowHale Eroglu, Harvard University (Fairbank Visiting Scholar/Alum) (“Awakened Muslim”: Turkish Modernity in Chinese Muslim Reformist Thought); opens in a new windowJoshua L. Freeman, Harvard University (Ph.D. Candidate) (Exiled to Paradise: Uyghur Émigré Writers in the USSR, 1961- 1989)


Panel 361. C 10:45AM-12:45PM Mackenzie, 2nd Floor

Defining Fengshui: New Scholarly Approaches to Chinese Geomancy

Chaired by Ole Bruun, Roskilde University; Discussant:  opens in a new windowRobert P. Weller, Boston University (Fairbank Associate)

Panelists: Claire Yi Yang, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco;  opens in a new windowIan Matthew Miller, St. John’s University (Alum); Tristan G. Brown, Columbia University; Christopher Reed Coggins, Bard College at Simon’s Rock


Panel 362. C 10:45AM-12:45PM Civic Ballroom North, 2nd Floor

Early Chinese Manuscript Culture

Chaired by/Discussant Sarah Allan, Dartmouth College (Associate in Research);

Panelists: Ondrej Skrabal, Charles University in Prague; Crispin Williams, University of Kansas; Adam D. Smith, University of Pennsylvania; opens in a new windowChristopher John Foster, Harvard University (Ph.D. Candidate) (Textual Production in the Western Han: A Case Study of Character Variation in the “Cang Jie Pian 蒼頡篇” Opening Chapter)


Panel 368. C 10:45AM-12:45PM Kenora, 2nd Floor

Sacrificing for the Nation and Beyond: Recentering the Religious in the Modern Chinese Revolution

Chaired by/Discussant: opens in a new windowRudolf G. Wagner, University of Heidelberg (Fairbank Associate)

Panelists: Keren He, Stanford University; Ya-pei Kuo, University of Groningen;  opens in a new windowLei Ying, Harvard University (Ph.D. Candidate)

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