60th Anniversary

This year, the Fairbank Center celebrates 60 years at the forefront of research on China and East Asia at Harvard.

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60th Anniversary

Since its founding as Harvard University’s Center for East Asian Research in 1955, the landscape of Chinese Studies has shifted dramatically.

Today, every school at Harvard engages with China through research, exchanges, students, and alumni. Consequently, the Fairbank Center is no longer Harvard’s sole source of expertise on China, but our interdisciplinary approach to Chinese Studies and unrivaled faculty expertise ensure the Center’s adaptability and invaluable position as a partner for China-related research across the university.

Our 60th anniversary presents an opportunity not only to celebrate our history, but also to think about our future. The Fairbank Center is in a key position to help shape the future direction of Chinese studies, to encourage the pursuit of contemporary research methods, and to foster collaboration across academic disciplines.

This year, the Fairbank Center is launching the 60th Anniversary Campaign to raise funds for specific programs that further our mission to advance scholarship in all fields of Chinese Studies. In particular, our faculty have highlighted four strategic priorities that will impact the future of the discipline.

Strategic Priorities


Developing and deploying new digital methods for the study of China’s past and present.

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China and
The world

Promoting new research and public understanding in China’s interaction with the rest of the world.

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Impact and

Solidifying and enhancing the Center as the leading institute for academic and policy-relevant scholarship on China.

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Fundraising Highlight


The Hou Family Fellowship for Taiwan Studies sponsors one North America-based scholar and one Taiwan-based scholar of Taiwan Studies as visiting fellows at the Fairbank Center to pursue Taiwan-related research for up to nine months.

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Giving Back

If you would like to work with the Fairbank Center or Donate to our initiatives, please reach out to us.

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