Shengdong You 尤盛東

Shengdong You 尤盛東 Xiamen University Research interests: The position and role of China’s economy in the world economy; Internal factors and external conditions of China’s economic development; China’s economic state-owned enterprises, the status quo and development...

Xuefei Jin 金雪飞

Xuefei Jin 金雪飞 Boston University Research interests: China’s cultural, military, immigration history

Peter Dutton 杜勇心

Peter Dutton 杜勇心 US Naval War College Research interests: China Studies, Maritime Strategy, International Law

Kiki Tianqi Zhao 趙添琦

Kiki Tianqi Zhao 趙添琦 Yale University Research interests: Chinese journalists from China’s Republican Period until recent years; how nationalism and ideas about nations have been written in Chinese text books and taught in Chinese schools in the last...

George Yin

Dartmouth College Research interests: International relations theory and international security, with a strong interest in Chinese politics
Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies