• University of Toronto, Ph.D. 2017

Years of Affiliation: An Wang Postdoctoral Fellow from 2017-2018

As an An Wang Postdoctoral Fellow, Elizabeth Lord brings an expertise in human geography to the Fairbank Center. Her research seeks to understand China’s contemporary environment, examine the relationship between environmental change and inequalities, and theorize the production of environmental knowledge, particularly in China. During her time at the Center, Elizabeth will research the environmental narratives of China. She will evaluate the assumptions and implications of environmental narratives, including those produced in China and outside of China. Elizabeth will be working with Professor Karen Thornber and other Fairbank Center faculty members as part of the Center’s Environmental China initiative.

Research Interests: Human geography, environmental studies, production of knowledge

From the Fairbank Center Blog: 

opens in a new windowThe New Peril: Re-Orientalizing China through its Environmental ‘Crisis’
Elizabeth Lord writes on our blog that if China’s environment is in a crisis, it’s our crisis too.

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