• University of Arizona, Assistant Professor

Years of Affiliation: Graduate Student Associate 2016-2018, Visiting Scholar 2020-2021

Heng Du is an Assistant Professor in the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Arizona. She is a book historian specializing in the study of Early China. At the Fairbank Center, she will be focusing on her current book project entitled In Eternal Lines to Time: The Ontology of Texts in Early China, which reexamines the transformations in textual and literary practices during the formation of early empires.

Research interests: Early Chinese Literature; book cultures in the ancient world

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opens in a new windowHow Do You Say “#Theodicy” in Classical Chinese?
Heng Du — Ph.D. Candidate in Chinese Literature and Fairbank Center Graduate Student Associate —describes how Twitter #hashtags emulate the narrative setting of philosophical texts during China’s Warring States period.

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