• Ph.D. Candidate, Department of Comparative Literature

Years of Affiliation: 2017-2018

Jasmine Hu’s dissertation project surveys Chinese literary production from the events of the An Lushan Rebellion to the early Northern Song. She examines the emergence of what came to be known as the ci poetry genre, with particular attention to the recurrent lyric device of the female persona and the poetic articulation of desire. Focusing primarily on close readings of literary texts, but drawing on diverse frameworks such as medieval Chinese philosophy and official history, as well as contemporary gender studies and affect theory, she traces the changing relationships — whether constructive, antagonistic, or ambivalent – between statecraft and femininity, and Confucian public virtues and private desires.

Research Interests: Tang dynasty, Song dynasty, lyric poetry, premodern Chinese literature, poetry and poetics, gender theory, queer theory, affect theory, performance and performativity, philosophies of mind and cognition

Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies