• Ph.D. Candidate, History and East Asian Languages

Years of Affiliation: 2015-2017

Nathan Vedal will be writing his dissertation, “Scholarly Culture in 16th and 17th Century China.” This project explores the formation of scholarly fields in late imperial China through a study of the fusion of cosmology, literary pursuits, and Neo-Confucianism with philological scholarship in the 16th and 17th centuries.

From our Blog: 

opens in a new windowHow to arrange entries in a 16th century Chinese dictionary
Fairbank Center Graduate Student Associate, Nathan Vedal, explains how a dictionary works in 16th century China.

opens in a new windowAliens, Neo-Confucians, and the Power of Language
Nathan Vedal, Ph.D. candidate in East Asian Languages and Civilizations and Fairbank Center Graduate Student Associate, explains how a Hollywood blockbuster about earth’s first contact with aliens echoes Neo-Confucian debates in the Ming Dynasty.

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