• Ph.D. Candidate, History and East Asian Languages

Years of Affiliation: 2016-2017

Rui is a PhD candidate of History and East Asian Languages at Harvard University, and is on track to graduate soon. With a postdoctoral fellowship in Agrarian Studies at Yale University, he is writing his first book manuscript, entitled “Peasants Versus Empires: Transnational Civil Justice in Manchuria, 1881-1957.” The manuscript draws on previously unexamined sources from more than a dozen archives in five countries to explore the collision and collusion between law, imperialism and postcolonial socialism in the Northeast Asian borderland. Rui is also planning to launch a new book project, which will examine how the trans-oceanic circulation of grassroots legal knowledge in colonial Northeast Asia shaped the politics of law in China after 1945. In addition to legal history, Rui finds great aesthetic pleasure in literature, and has published on the literary intertextuality in the political writings of Zheng Xiaoxu, a Chinese poet and wartime collaborator. Beyond work, Rui loves travel in worlds both natural and novelistic. He also enjoys stimulating conversations – with friends at home, with strangers on the road, and especially with students in his classroom.

Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies