• National Chengchi University, Associate Professor

Years of Affiliation: TUSA Scholar from 2017-2018

Shun-liang Chao is Associate Professor of English at National Chengchi University. He holds a PhD in Comparative Literature from University College London (UCL), UK. He authored Rethinking the Concept of the Grotesque: Crashaw, Baudelaire, Magritte (Legenda/Routledge, 2010) and is currently co-editing two volumes for Routledge: one is on humour in the arts and the other on the legacies of Romanticism. At Harvard he will be a visiting scholar with the Department of Comparative Literature. His research project is entitled “The Legacy of Enlightenment Sentimentalism: Pain, Pathos, and Social Reform in Tetsuya Ishida’s ‘Canvas of Sadness’.”

Research Interests: Comparative poetics; Enlightenment and Romantic studies; (visual) rhetoric; aesthetic emotions; history of ideas

Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies