Environmental China

Launching a groundbreaking research project on the environmental humanities and social sciences in China.

With the launch of the Harvard Global Institute to support research on environmental challenges in China, the Fairbank Center is primed to be at the forefront of environmental humanities and social sciences research.

This year, Professor Karen Thornber’s project, “Humanistic Ecologies and China: New Perspectives on Environmental Health and Climate Change” received seed grant funding from Harvard President Drew Faust to lay the groundwork for a three-year project under the Harvard Global Initiative. The project will bring a new perspective to Harvard’s existing interdisciplinary approach to climate change.


ali malkawi
ali malkawi

Ali Malkawi 马加维

Professor of Architectural Technology, Founding Director of the Harvard Center for Green Buildings and Cities

Malkawi is an international scholar and expert in building simulation, energy conservation, and sustainability in buildings. He teaches architectural technology and computation and conducts research in the areas of computational simulation, building performance evaluation, and advanced visualization at the HarvardRead More

Harvard University Center for Green Buildings and Cities | 20 Sumner Road | Cambridge, MA 02138
Michael McElroy
Michael McElroy

Michael McElroy 迈克尔•迈克艾罗伊

Gilbert Butler Professor of Environmental Studies

Michael McElroy studies changes in the composition of the atmosphere with an emphasis on the impact of human activity. His research includes investigations of processes affecting the abundance of ozone in the stratosphere and factors influencing the chemical composition ofRead More

Harvard Paulson School | Pierce Hall | 29 Oxford Street | Cambridge MA, 02138
Karen Thornber
Karen Thornber

Karen Thornber 唐丽园

Professor of Comparative Literature and of East Asian Languages and Civilizations; Victor and William Fung Director, Harvard University Asia Center; Chair, Harvard University Council on Asian Studies; Director, Harvard Global Institute Environmental Humanities Initiative.

Karen Thornber’s primary areas of research and teaching are world literature and the literatures and cultures of East Asia, particularly Japan, as well as the Indian Ocean Rim.

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Harvard University Asia Center | CGIS South S222 | 1730 Cambridge Street | Cambridge, MA 02138
Victor Seow
Victor Seow

Victor Seow 萧建业

Assistant Professor of the History of Science

Victor Seow is a historian of technology, industry, and the environment who specializes in China and Japan in the long twentieth century. His work is primarily concerned with the social and economic dimensions of technological development and environmental management inRead More

Science Center, Room 371 | 1 Oxford Street | Cambridge MA 20138

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Artful Retreat: Garden Culture of the Qing Dynasty
China 2035
Harvard China Fund, Landscape and Ecological Urbanism

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