One of the Fairbank Center’s greatest strengths is our intellectual community of scholars from around the globe. This year the Center welcomes a new cohort of scholars and affiliates to the Fairbank Center’s vibrant international community.

Our 2019-20 An Wang Postdoctoral Fellows – Meir Alkon, Yilang Feng, and Audrye Wong – will develop their research on China’s growing outbound interactions on the world stage. We are pleased that our fellows’ ground-breaking projects are part of a research collaboration with the Columbia-Harvard China and the World Program, led by faculty members Alastair Iain Johnston, Meg Rithmire, and Mark Wu.

Thanks to a generous gift from the Hou Family, we are excited to welcome our fourth year of Hou Family Fellows for Taiwan Studies. The research of this year’s fellows, Cheng-Heng Lu and Lawrence Zi-Qiao Yang, builds on the Center’s expertise and scholarship on Taiwan, which we have developed over many years through our ongoing Taiwan Studies Workshop.

The Center prides itself as a nexus of international collaboration and interdisciplinary research on China. To this end, we welcome eighteen scholars as part of our Visiting Scholars program, a key component of the Center’s engagement beyond Harvard. Scholars join us from different academic disciplines, and the Center is fortunate to have so many distinguished academics and practitioners from across East Asia and North America to collaborate with the Fairbank Center.

Our broad engagement is illustrated not only by our Visiting Scholars but also by our Associates in Research program, which connects scholars working on China throughout the world.

Finally, we are pleased to welcome new affiliates from within Harvard: our three new faculty members—Thomas Kelly, Daniel Koss, and Winnie Yip—nine Graduate Student Associates, and one Shum Fellow. We hope that our students will take full advantage of the expertise provided by our new visiting affiliates.

As highlighted by the more than 60 years of Fairbank Center history, increased cooperation and exchanges among the Center’s scholars, affiliates, faculty, and staff allow us to benefit from a greater understanding not only of our own research but also of China in its myriad forms. 

Michael Szonyi

Director, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies Frank Wen-Hsiung Wu Memorial Professor of Chinese History 

Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies