Graduate Student Associates

Application deadline: April 24, 2023


The GSAs are expected to be present at the Fairbank Center offices regularly (conditions permitting) to benefit from and contribute to the interdisciplinary research environment. GSAs meet together on a biweekly basis each semester to participate in professional development focused sessions as well as to present their dissertation research to each other, gaining constructive feedback from peers. Professional development sessions, faculty presentations, or other ideas for meetings can be arranged according to the group’s interests and suggestions.

Specific Expectations

The Fairbank Center provides:

  • Desk space in a shared office with Internet access for one academic year (conditions permitting)
  • Shared printers and other office facilities
  • Computer monitor, keyboard, and mouse (to connect to your laptop)
  • Up to $1,000 support for research activities upon application and approval for first year GSAs
  • Use of Fairbank Center business cards and stationery for professional purposes, with approval.

The Graduate Student Associate is Responsible for

  • Participation in GSA meetings and presentations by fellow GSAs
  • Submission of at least one post (on his or her research topic and on Fairbank Center talks) for publication on the Fairbank Center’s blog
  • Occasional volunteer service to the Center, such as orientation support for visiting scholars, advice for undergraduate projects, translation assistance, and events support.

Applications are accepted through CARAT.