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Since its founding, the Fairbank Center has had a commitment to the preservation and study of the physical pieces of China’s history. The Center regularly curates faculty-led exhibitions of art, photography, painting, and artifacts relating to China.

Recently, these efforts have led to the display of famed Chinese photographer Sha Fei’s work. For our 60th Anniversary, we exhibited the watercolors of Wilma Canon Fairbank and Marian Canon Schlesinger from their time with John Fairbank in China in the 1930s.

Additionally, the Center regularly supports conferences and events that focus on various facets of the history of art and architecture in China.


Eugene Wang
Eugene Wang

Eugene Yuejin Wang 汪悦进

Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Professor of Asian Art

Eugene Wang (Ph.D Harvard, 1997) began teaching at the University of Chicago in 1996 before joining the faculty at Harvard University in 1997.

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felicity lufkin
felicity lufkin

Felicity Lufkin 盧飛麗

Lecturer on Folklore and Mythology

Research Interests: modern Chinese art; folk art, popular art, and crafts; art and gender, exhibitions.

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Research Projects

Exhibition: The Photography of Sha Fei: Photography and Propaganda in Wartime China

In Spring 2016, the Fairbank Center exhibited the Harvard-Yenching Library’s newly acquired collection of photographic prints by photographer Sha Fei.

Sha Fei’s photographs invoke instantly recognizable images of wartime China. From posters to newspapers and history textbooks, his unique portrayal of the instability of the 1930s and 1940s inform a new visualization of CCP propaganda.

Curated by Professors Eugene Wang (Professor of Asian Art, Harvard University) and Chiao-mei Liu (National Taiwan University, 2015–16 TUSA Scholar), this exhibition explores Sha Fei’s influence on CCP visual culture and the Chinese revolution. The photographic prints on display were generously donated by Sha Fei’s daughter, Wang Yan, to the Harvard Yenching Library.

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Exhibition: The Watercolors of Wilma Fairbank

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Announcing our 2022-2023 An Wang Postdoctoral Fellowship

The Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University is pleased to announce the 2022-2023 competition for the An Wang Postdoctoral Fellowships in Chinese Studies. This year the Fairbank Center is offering two fellowships to support participants in an...

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