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In recent years, the Fairbank Center has featured a wide variety of programs focused on business and the economy in China.

In the past year, the Center has hosted economist David Dollar as part of its ongoing China Economy Lecture series, who spoke on the slowing rate of growth of China’s economy and its implications for the future. The Center also co-sponsored an event with the Harvard Business School, which featured prominent businessman Wang Jianlin and Chairman of the Dalian Wanda Group, who spoke about the global expansion of the Dalian Wanda Group.


dwight perkins
dwight perkins

Dwight H. Perkins 德懷特 • 珀金斯

Harold Hitchings Burbank Research Professor of Political Economy, Emeritus; former Director of the Fairbank Center

Dwight H. Perkins is the Harold Hitchings Burbank Professor of Political Economy, Emeritus in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Previous positions at Harvard include Director of the Harvard University Asia Center, Associate Director of the East Asian (now Fairbank)Read More

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Meg Rithmire
Meg Rithmire

Meg Rithmire 任美格

F. Warren McFarlan Associate Professor of Business Administration

Meg Rithmire is F. Warren McFarlan Associate Professor of Business Administration in the Business, Government, and International Economy Unit at Harvard Business School, where she teaches the course of the same name in the MBA required curriculum.

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William Kirby
William Kirby

William C. Kirby 柯偉林

T. M. Chang Professor of China Studies; Spangler Family Professor of Business Administration; Harvard University Distinguished Service Professor; Director of the Harvard China Fund; former Director of the Fairbank Center

William C. Kirby is Spangler Family Professor of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and T. M. Chang Professor of China Studies at Harvard University. He is a University Distinguished Service Professor.

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David Yang
David Yang

David Yang 杨宇凡

Assistant Professor of Economics

David Yang is an Assistant Professor of Economics. His research focuses on political economy, behavioral and experimental economics, economic history, and cultural economics. In particular, David studies the forces of stability and forces of changes in authoritarian regimes, drawing lessonsRead More

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Research Projects

Wang Jianlin: Going Global the “Wanda” Way (2015-2016)

Chairman of the Dalian Wanda Group, Mr. Wang Jianlin, spoke about how to go global the “Wanda” way at Harvard Business School.

In an event sponsored by the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Mr. Wang talked about his rise to the title of “China’s Wealthiest Man” and the global expansion of Dalian Wanda Group.

A Wanda Plaza urban complex integrating retail, leisure, hotels and residential units can be found in almost every major Chinese city. In entertainment, Wanda is known as known as the world’s largest cinema chain operator, notably as the owner of AMC Entertainment. Wanda have even expanded into sports with the recent purchase of the Ironman Triathlon.

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