Nicole Newendorp

Lecturer on Social Studies


Nicole Newendorp is an anthropologist who studies migration and family life in Asia and the United States. Her new book, Chinese Senior Migrants and the Globalization of Retirement (Stanford University Press, 2020), explores how Chinese-born senior migrants make sense of their later-life relocation to the Boston area. Her detailed ethnography places particular emphasis on how seniors’ memories and subjective experiences of movement within and beyond China over past decades continue to influence their 21st century migration trajectories as well as their aspirations for well-being following retirement in both China and the U.S.

Her previous ethnography, Uneasy Reunions: Immigration, Citizenship, and Family Life in Post-1997 Hong Kong (Stanford University Press, 2008), was awarded the 2009 Francis L.K. Hsu Book Prize by the American Association of Anthropology’s Society for East Asian Anthropology. She has also published articles about her Hong Kong-based research in International Migration and PoLAR: The Political and Legal Anthropology Review. She is the Program Director for the Harvard Summer School Study Abroad Program in Hong Kong.

Dr. Newendorp received a B.A. in East Asian Studies from Columbia University, an M.A. from Harvard University’s Regional Studies-East Asia Program, and a Ph.D. from Harvard University’s Department of Anthropology. She has been teaching and advising students at Harvard since 2004.

Research Interests: immigration and citizenship; gender; transnational family life; urban anthropology; space and social change; voluntarism; theory and practice of ethnography; methodology; China; Hong Kong; Chinese senior migrants in the US.

Selected Publications


  • Chinese Senior Migrants and the Globalization of Retirement (Stanford University Press, 2020).
  • Uneasy Reunions: Immigration, Citizenship, and Family Life in Post 1997 Hong Kong (Stanford University Press, 2008).

Recent Articles and Chapters

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