Ambassador Juster (right), with Fairbank Director Mark Wu (left), takes audience questions during his Critical Issues Confronting China talk

Critical Issues Confronting China Series featuring Amb. Kenneth I. Juster – How China is Reshaping U.S.-India Relations and the Quad

Kenneth I. Juster, AB ’76, MPP ’79, JD ’79, served as the U.S. Ambassador to India from 2017 to 2021. During his November 1, 2023 Critical Issues Confronting China talk, he discussed how China’s actions are reshaping India’s relationship with the United States and affecting the development of what’s known as the Quad—the bilateral agreement between U.S., Australia, India, and Japan. The Ambassador explored how China’s democratic neighbors have cooperated strategically to offer an alternative vision for the future of the Indo-Pacific. The talk underscores the challenges ahead as the United States, its allies, and its partner India work together to preserve a free, open, and prosperous region, in light of China’s strategic ambitions.

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India and the United States have a confluence of interests in a lot of areas. But we’re partners, we’re not allies. India believes in strategic autonomy—it has a slightly different vision of the world order—it believes in a multipolar world, it would like to reform a lot of today’s institutions so it has a greater voice in them, it believes they don’t reflect the current distribution of power.

— Kenneth I. Juster