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Investment Screening and Supply Chain Security: Japanese, EU, and U.S. Perspectives on China

Yangyang Cheng – Those Who Fall Behind Get Beaten Up: Can Science Build a Strong China?

Critical Issues Confronting China Series featuring Bonnie Glaser – How Great is the Risk of War Over Taiwan?

The Taliban Takeover and Central Asian Security: What Will Russia and China Do?

Fairbank Center Panel Discussion – Transnational Aging in the Chinese Diaspora


China Humanities Seminar Featuring Stephanie Balkwill – Another Cakravartin Ruler?: Feminist History and the History of Buddhism in Early Medieval China

Modern China Lecture Series Featuring Isabella Weber – How China Escaped Shock Therapy: The Market Reform Debate

Critical Issues Confronting China featuring Jeffrey S. Lehman – What Does U.S. Business Really Want From China?

China Economy Lecture Series featuring Yeling Tan – Disaggregating China, Inc: State Strategies in the Liberal Economic Order

Modern Chinese Humanities Seminar Featuring Pang Laikwan – Economic Sovereignty in Contemporary China: The Biopolitical Subject as Garlic Chive

Weixia Gu – Dispute Resolution in China: Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation and their Interactions


David Cheng Chang – Escaping From the Communists and Then From the Anti-Communists: A Prisoner’s Odyssey From Southwest China to Korea, India, and Argentina

Environment in Asia Lecture Series featuring Ruth Mostern – The Yellow River: A Natural and Unnatural History


Panel Discussion – The Future of Africa-China Engagement/Relations


Modern China Lecture Series Featuring Fang Xiaoping – Pandemics and Politics in Mao’s China: The Rise of the Emergency Disciplinary State

Critical Issues Confronting China featuring Kellee Tsai – Evolutionary Governance under Authoritarianism in Contemporary China


China Humanities Seminar Featuring Scott Pearce – Looking Behind the Text: The Case of Northern Wei’s ‘Yuan Pi’

Harvard Buddhist Studies Forum Featuring Aaron Proffitt – Buddha’s Name as Mantra in Medieval Japan

Jie Li — Socialist Hot Noise: Loudspeakers and Open-Air Cinema in Mao’s China

David Cheng Chang – Between Worlds: China’s WWII Interpreters and Their Divergent Fates in China, Taiwan, and the United States

Critical Issues Confronting China Lecture Series featuring Bill Bikales – From Poverty Eradication to Common Prosperity: Reflections on Recent Poverty Achievements and Implications for the Next Phase of Development

Modern Chinese Humanities Seminar Featuring Ma Shaoling — The Stone and the Wireless: Lyrical Media and Bad Models of the Feeling Women

Workers and Change in China: Resistance, Repression, Responsiveness

Connecting the World-Island: What will China’s PEACE cable bring to Pakistan and East Africa?


Panel Discussion: Overcoming Challenges in the Research Environment in China

Modern China Lecture Series Featuring Eugenia Lean – The Ideograph and a Cantonese Pun: Linguistic Divergence and Spurious Chinese Marks in Global Capitalism


Panel Discussion – Gaming with Chinese Characteristics

Environment in Asia Series Featuring Ying Jia Tan – War and the Reconfiguration of China’s Energy Geography

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