Sophie Ling-chia Wei – A Sage Embellished with Elements of “Chinoiserie”: The Making of Jesus in the Jesuit Figurist Translations of Chinese Classics

Common Room, 2 Divinity Ave. 2 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Speaker: Sophie Ling-chia Wei, Associate Professor, Department of Translation, Chinese University of Hong Kong; HYI Visiting Scholar, 2023-24Chair/Discussant: James Robson, James C. Kralik and Yunli Lou Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University When Christianity was introduced to China in the Ming and Qing dynasties, translations of sacred texts and stories of biblical […]

Generative AI for Chinese Studies – Introductory Workshop

CGIS Knafel K262 1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA, United States

Digital China Initiative is organizing two workshops on how to apply generative AI for Chinese studies. The first workshop, on 23 Feb 2024, will introduce basic GenAI concepts, writing prompts, and examples of domain-specific tasks (language learning, data extraction, etc.). The second workshop, on 5 April, will cover how to use open-source large language models on local devices, […]

China Humanities Seminar featuring Michelle Wang – Terrestrial Diagrams in Early China

CGIS South, Room S050 1730 Cambridge St, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Speaker: Michelle H. Wang, Associate Professor of Art History and Humanities, Reed College In The Art of Terrestrial Diagrams in Early China (University of Chicago Press, 2023), Michelle H. Wang explores the diagrammatic tradition of rendering space in early China. The book centers on maps (ditu) excavated from three tombs that date from the fourth […]

Special Presentation featuring Christopher Rea – From Zhuangzi’s Gourd to Cinderella’s Pumpkin: Gua 瓜 as a Vehicle for the Imagination

CGIS South Room S250 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Speaker: Christopher Rea, Professor of Chinese, Former Director of the Centre for Chinese Research, University of British ColumbiaModerator: David Der-wei Wang, Edward C. Henderson Professor of Chinese Literature, Harvard University The Daoist philosopher Zhuangzi tells us that one remedy for a lack of imagination is to take your gourd for a ride. Confucius makes a […]

Critical Issues Confronting China featuring Minxin Pei – Surveillance in a Leninist Party-State: Understanding China’s Preventive Repression

CGIS South S020, Belfer Case Study Room 1730 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA, United States

Speaker: Minxin Pei, Tom and Margot Pritzker '72 Professor of Government and George R. Roberts Fellow, Claremont McKenna College China’s surveillance state has attracted much attention in the media, but there is little serious research on its organization, scope, and operational tactics.  Evidence gathered from hundreds of local yearbooks and police gazettes shows that the […]

Daniel H. Rosen – Spillover Implications of a China Growing 0-2%

Wex-434ab Conference Room Harvard Kennedy School, 79 JFK St., Camrbidge, Massachusetts, United States

Speaker: Daniel H. Rosen, Founding Partner, Rhodium Group Educators, policymakers and business leaders need to decide how to respond to the implications of China’s economic slowdown. Options have not been adequately considered because the extent of the slowdown has not been understood and acknowledged. Even today international organizations, governments, and prominent public intellectuals endorse rosy […]

Modern China Lecture Series featuring Fa-Ti Fan – Disaster Governance and Political Participation in China: From the Mao Era to the Present

CGIS Knafel K262 1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA, United States

Speaker: Fa-Ti Fan, Professor of History, Binghamton University, State University of New York This talk discusses the modes of disaster governance and crisis management in China from the early Mao to the post-Covid era. We will start with the 1960s-70s when China was going through severe political crises, natural disasters, and geopolitical challenges. We will […]

Ma Ran – Un/bounding the Great Wall: Sino-Japanese Documentary Media Connections in the Long 1980s

Common Room, 2 Divinity Ave. 2 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Speaker: Ma Ran, Associate Professor, Cultural Studies and Screen Studies, Nagoya University, Japan; HYI Visiting Scholar, 2023-24 Chair: Jie Li, Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University Spanning the late 1970s and early 1990s, a series of coproduced documentaries featuring Japanese entities in consistent partnership with China Central Television (CCTV), have emerged. Emblematic […]

Julie Tian Miao – State Inc. And Asian Diasporas in Knowledge Spaces

CGIS South, Room S153 1730 Cambridge St., Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Speaker: Julie Tian Miao, Associate Professor in Property and Economic Development, University of Melbourne; Visiting Scholar, Harvard University Asia Center  Moderator: Anthony J. Saich, Daewoo Professor of International Affairs; Director, Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia, Harvard Kennedy School Drawing insights from three relevant yet largely separated fields of scholarship on diaspora, science policies, and (extra-)territorial development, Professor Julie […]

Modern China Lecture Series featuring Christopher Courtney

CGIS Knafel K262 1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA, United States

Speaker: Christopher Courtney, Associate Professor of Modern Chinese History, Durham University More details coming soon. Dr. Courtney is a social and environmental historian of modern China. His research focusses upon the […]

Harvard-Yenching Institute Annual Roundtable - Gender and Nationalist Populism in Asia

CGIS South, Tsai Auditorium (S010) 1730 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA, United States

Panelists:Hyaeweol Choi, C. Maxwell and Elizabeth M. Stanley Family and Korea Foundation Chair in Korean Studies, University of IowaIza Ding, Associate Professor of Political Science, Northwestern UniversityTanika Sarkar, Retired Professor, […]