Will U.S. Attitudes Towards Ukraine Spill Over into Taiwan? Anthony Saich in Conversation with Taiwanese Ambassador Alexander Tah-ray Yui

Anthony Saich, Director of the Rajawali Foundation Institute for Asia and the Daewoo Professor of International Affairs at the Harvard Kennedy School, spoke with Taiwanese Ambassador Alexander Tah-ray Yui at a Harvard Kennedy School event cosponsored by the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies this month. 

There is now division—as you know—in the Hill about the nature of support for Ukraine,” Professor Saich said to Ambassador Yui before an audience of Harvard affiliates. “Might people draw the parallel to continued support for Taiwan, and are you concerned that the strength of U.S. support for Taiwan might wane somewhat as China intensifies its pressures?” 

“That’s not really a concern,” Ambassador Yui responded. “The United States, again, has repeatedly stated its commitment to the defense of Taiwan.” 

“I think the key part about Ukraine is that we can’t let Russia win Ukraine because [that] will be admitting that a larger power, by moving against a smaller power, can get [away] with it,” Ambassador Yui added, stating that it is important “to let Beijing know that if they have any thoughts on Taiwan in a similar situation, they will not win, they will not get away with it and that there will be consequences.” 

Professor Saich and Ambassador Yui also discussed Taiwanese military readiness, defense equipment, and reactions to Chinese foreign investments during the hour-long talk.

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