Student Organizations

The Fairbank Center provides guidance to many of the student groups across the university with activities related to Chinese studies. New organizations are created each year, and even some long-standing organizations may be unfamiliar to us. Here are some organizations that have had activities supported by the Fairbank Center.

ChinaGSD is based at the Graduate School of Design and serves as a resource for those interested in topics on China and to foster greater communication among Chinese designers worldwide. The group holds seminars, lectures, holiday events, and field trips throughout the academic year.

Harvard Asia Law Society
HALS organizes events throughout the year for JD and LLM students and scholars who are interested in Asian practice and development issues. HALS also organizes weekly foreign language tables, a major Asia-focused business conference (in conjunction with Harvard Business School and Kennedy School of Government students), and a spring break delegation that visits an Asian country to learn about its professional legal culture, academic legal culture, and legal system.

Harvard China Forum
Founded in 1998, Harvard China Forum (HCF) is the leading student organized North American conference dedicated to a constructive dialogue on the challenges, trends, and issues affecting China. They engage leaders in business, academia, and politics in a discourse that offer insight and generate new ideas.

Harvard College Association for US-China Relations
HAUSCR is a student-run organization committed to bridging the gap between the United States and China. The annual HAUSCR Summit for Young Leaders in China (HSYLC) is a week of exploration and development for Chinese high-school students conducted by Harvard undergraduates, faculty, and prominent leaders from both nations. At home, HAUSCR educates the Harvard community on the issues that confront the US and China with a mix of political, artistic, career-oriented, and cultural activities.

Harvard College in Asia Program
HCAP was founded in October of 2003 with the goal of fostering greater interest and understanding of Asia among Harvard students (and of the United States among students in Asia). HCAP serves as a platform for student exploration and development, connects the world's future leaders, and strengthens international relationships by sponsoring exchange conferences with top universities in Asia.

Harvard College Global China Connection
Harvard Global China Connection (HGCC) looks to bring together students from the Harvard community and universities around the world to create a network of vibrant people and ideas for the future. HGCC hosts events such as conferences, delegations, panels, and dinners with the goal of creating interesting venues to keep the conversation flowing. They are a chapter of Global China Connection (GCC-全球中国联接), the world's largest student non-profit dedicated to connecting China and the international community. GCC consists of nearly 2,000 students in over 40 chapters at top universities in the United States, China, and other parts of the world. Our central management supports the activities of each chapter to create a global network of future leaders.

Harvard East Asia Society
HEAS is dedicated to promoting the study of East Asia within the Harvard community and specifically among graduate students. While HEAS is organized by students in the Regional Studies East Asia program (RSEA), it is open to all those with an interest in East Asian cultures, history, and society.

Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations
As Harvard's largest annual student connection in Asia, the Harvard Project for Asian and International Relations (HPAIR) creates a forum of exchange and facilitates discussion of the most important economic, political, and social issues relevant to the Asia-Pacific region. Since 1991, the annual HPAIR conferences have brought together students from the world's foremost universities and leaders in the fields of government, business, culture, and academia. HPAIR's flagship project is its international student academic conference held in Asia each summer. The conference is revolves around six workshops that bring together undergraduate students, graduate students, and a distinguished group of speakers who are current leaders in academia, culture, business, and politics. 

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Also visit the home page of the respective Harvard school you are interested in, and try to find its "student activities" site for more information.