• Ph.D. Candidate, History and East Asian Languages

Nathan Vedal will be writing his dissertation, “Scholarly Culture in 16th and 17th Century China.” This project explores the formation of scholarly fields in late imperial China through a study of the fusion of cosmology, literary pursuits, and Neo-Confucianism with philological scholarship in the 16th and 17th centuries.

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How to arrange entries in a 16th century Chinese dictionary
Fairbank Center Graduate Student Associate, Nathan Vedal, explains how a dictionary works in 16th century China.

Aliens, Neo-Confucians, and the Power of Language
Nathan Vedal, Ph.D. candidate in East Asian Languages and Civilizations and Fairbank Center Graduate Student Associate, explains how a Hollywood blockbuster about earth’s first contact with aliens echoes Neo-Confucian debates in the Ming Dynasty.

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