Celebrating our New PhDs!

We are delighted that six of our Graduate Student Associates received their PhDs this year! We will miss them but will be cheering them on in their next adventures.

The Fairbank Center’s Graduate Student Associates participate in a year-long professional development program for Harvard University advanced doctoral students. The program provides biweekly workshops and lectures in a welcoming and vibrant intellectual community as the students finish their dissertations and prepare for the job market.

Our new grads:

Hai Peng

Dissertation: “Habitus of the Minor: the Visuality of Inner Asians in Modern China.”

New position: Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Pittsburgh

Hai also recently published an article about the little-known history of the Urumqi-based Tianshan Film Studio in Ethnic and Racial Studies. As Hai writes, the article “adds to the academic literature that has firmly pushed against the state tropes of Xinjiang as a restive Muslim backwater with little skill in negotiating modernity.”

Joo-Hyeon Oh

Dissertation: “Learning Through Peculiar Things: Knowledge and Worldview in 16-18th Century China”

New position: Postdoctoral Associate through the Presidential Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at the University of Minnesota

Seung Hee Oh

Dissertation: “The Theater of Consciousness: Self-Aware Fictionality in the Pictorial Art of Seventeenth-Century China”

New position: Assistant Curator of Chinese Art at the Art Institute of Chicago

Guanchi Zhang

Dissertation: “City Unbound: The Political Economy of City Territory in China, 1949-2012”

New position: Assistant Professor of Law, Vermont Law and Graduate School

Shanni Zhao

Dissertation: “Affective State and Civic Intimacy: Youth Marriage, Public Mediation and State-Making in China”

New position: Postdoctoral Fellow at The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs, Brown University.

Zelda Hanyu Zhao

Dissertation: “Overstretched Leviathan: Bureaucratic Overload and Grassroots Governance in China”

New position: Lecturer in the Graduate School of Law at Tohoku University in Japan