Keyu Jin assesses the long-term sustainability of China's old economic model as it faces the challenges of a new era.

Critical Issues Confronting China Series featuring Prof. Keyu Jin – China’s New Playbook

In the final Critical Issues Confronting China talk this semester, Keyu Jin, Professor of Economics at London School of Economics and author of The New China Playbook: Beyond Socialism and Capitalism, shares her analysis of how perceptions of China’s “high growth and high cost” economic model have shifted. The discussion following her talk was moderated by Harvard Professor of Economics David Yang.

Jin highlights the role local governments have played in fostering economic growth and innovation, particularly in emerging sectors such as technology, and points out the continuing challenges such as overcapacity and misallocation of resources. She emphasizes the need for reform of China’s financial system to support the private sector and a move to a more market-driven economy. Ultimately, Jin argues that China’s economic model needs to adapt to meet the challenges of a new era.

Watch the full talk via the Vimeo embedded video below or on YouTube.