Xiaofei Tian

Professor of Chinese Literature


Xiaofei Tian (田晓菲) is Professor of Chinese Literature and Chair of the Regional Studies East Asia program. Her primary field of research is the Middle Period Chinese literature and culture, although she has also taught and published on Chinese literature from the late imperial and modern periods. She is the author of Tao Yuanming and Manuscript Culture: The Record of a Dusty Table (named a Choice Outstanding Academic Title in 2006), BeaconFire and Shooting Star: The Literary Culture of the Liang (502-557)Visionary Journeys: Travel Writings from Early Medieval and Nineteenth-century China, and The Halberd at Red Cliff: Jian’an and the Three Kingdoms. Her translation of a late nineteenth-century memoir, The World of a Tiny Insect: A Memoir of the Taiping Rebellion and Its Aftermath, was awarded the inaugural Patrick D. Hanan Prize by Association for Asian Studies in 2016. She is the co-editor and contributing author of TheOxford Handbook of Classical Chinese Literature (1000BCE-900CE) and of A New Literary History of Modern China, and the editor of Reading Du Fu (712-770): Nine Views (currently under review). Currently she is working on a book manuscript tentatively entitled Writing Empire, Writing Self: Cultural Transformations in Early Medieval China, as well as a project on Tang tales. Her teaching and research interests include manuscript culture, court culture, premodern Chinese travel writings, the Cultural Revolution period (1966-1976), as well as the writings of violence and trauma.