Corruption in China on the Eve of the 19th Party Congress, with Michael Forsythe

Michael Forsythe is a New York Times journalist who is well known for his detailed reports on the links between money and politics in China.

The “Harvard on China” podcast spoke to Michael Forsythe on the eve of China’s 19th Party Congress, an important political event where Chinese President Xi Jinping will formally appoint new members to China’s politburo standing committee.

What outcomes can we expect to see from this quinquennial event? How do foreign journalists cover sensitive political topics in China? And how is money altering the U.S.-China relationship in light of revelations regarding Jared Kushner’s family and their attempted financial deals with a leading Chinese company?

The “Harvard on China” podcast is hosted by James Evans at the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies, Harvard University. Listen to more podcasts at the Fairbank Center’s SoundCloud page.