Sino-Japanese Relations Through Kanzo Uchiyama And Lu Xun, with Joshua Fogel

Sino-Japanese relations are often portrayed as a rivalry hindered by historical grievances. Joshua Fogel, Canada Research Chair at York University, Toronto, explores a different side of China’s relationship with Japan. Fogel is the author of many books on Sino-Japanese relations, with his latest book, Japanese for Sinologists, forthcoming from University of California Press.

The Harvard on China podcast talks to Joshua Fogel about his recent research on Kanzo Uchiyama—the founder of Shanghai’s Uchiyama Bookstore and close friend of Chinese literary giant Lu Xun—about how this deep friendship fostered a personal connection between China and Japan and provides grounds for further research on Sino-Japanese relations.

The “Harvard on China” podcast is hosted by James Evans at Harvard’s Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies. Listen to more podcasts on the Fairbank Center’s SoundCloud page.