Jane Lim – Faking Origins: Imitating China in Eighteenth-Century English Literature

Common Room, 2 Divinity Ave. 2 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Speaker: Jane Lim | Associate Professor, Department of English Language and Literature, Seoul National University; HYI Visiting Scholar, 2022-23Chair/discussant: Deidre Shauna Lynch, Harvard College Professor; Ernest Bernbaum Professor of Literature, […]

The Chip War: China, The US, and Europe

Ellwood Democracy Lab - Rubenstein 414AB 79 JFK St., Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Speakers:John Haigh, Co-Director, Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government, Harvard Kennedy SchoolChris Miller, Associate Professor of International History, The Fletcher School, Tufts University; author of The Chip War. Moderator: Edoardo Campanella​, M-RCBG Senior Fellow This is a hybrid event. Zoom registration: Venue

Urban China Seminar Series featuring Tingting Lu – Collaborative Neighborhood Governance During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Presented via Zoom

Speaker: Tingting Lu, ​Shanghai Jiao Tong University ​The COVID-19 pandemic is a governance challenge for nations and cities across the world. While early observations have primarily focused on nation-scale government actions, our research shows that neighborhood social capital also plays a key role in Chinese neighborhoods. Drawing from collaborative governance theory, we examine the horizontal and hierarchical […]

The Significance of Small Things: Small Hydropower, Renewable Energy, and Rural Development in the PRC, 1949-1979

Pierce Hall 100F 29 Oxford St., Cambridge, MA, United States

Speaker: Arunabh Ghosh, Associate Professor of Modern Chinese History, Harvard UniversityArunabh Ghosh is a historian of modern China, with research and teaching interests in social and economic history, history of science and statecraft, transnational history, and China-India history. Venue

Trisha Tsui-Chuan Lin – Mitigating COVID Disinfodemic: Health Misinformation, Digital Literacy and Vaccination in Taiwan

Common Room, 2 Divinity Ave. 2 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Speaker: Trisha Tsui-Chuan Lin, Professor, College of Communication, National Chengchi University, Taiwan; Harvard Yenching Visiting Scholar, 2022-23; Fulbright Senior Researcher, Harvard University, 2022-23 Chair/discussant: Winnie Yip, Professor of the Practice of Global Health Policy and Economics, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health During the COVID-19 pandemic, social media algorithms has facilitated the viral spread […]

Zhou Zhenyu – The origin of ancient Austronesian: from the perspective of archaeological discoveries in Southeast China

Common Room, 2 Divinity Ave. 2 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Speaker: Zhou Zhenyu, Associate Professor, Institute of Archaeology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences; HYI Visiting Scholar, 2022-23 Discussant: Rowan Flad, John E. Hudson Professor of Archaeology, Harvard University Harvard-Yenching Institute Visiting Scholar talk Seating is limited. Masks are required for all in-person audience members. Venue

Scott Kennedy – Xi Jinping’s About Face: Implications for China’s Economy, Politics, and Relations With the West

Rubenstein 414AB 79 JFK St., Cambridge, MA, United States

Speaker: Scott Kennedy, Senior Adviser and Trustee Chair in Chinese Business & Economics, Center for Strategic & International Studies. Lunch will be served for those joining us in person in Rubenstein 414AB. Others should register to join us remotely via Zoom. Register at Venue

Wei Wei – Family Matters: Chinese Queer Politics Around the Rise of a Family-State

Common Room, 2 Divinity Ave. 2 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Speaker: Wei Wei, Professor of Sociology, East China Normal University; HYI Visiting Scholar, 2022-23 Chair/Discussant: Michael Bronski, Professor of the Practice In Media And Activism In Studies Of Women, Gender, And Sexuality, Harvard University LGBT activism in mainland China, based on the trajectory of identity politics, faces increasing challenges from the state in recent years. […]

Evaluating the Impact of the Feed-in Tariffs on Solar PV and Wind Power Development in China

Presented via Zoom

Speaker: Changgui Dong, Associate Professor, School of Public Administration and Policy, Renmin University of China Dr. Changgui Dong's research focuses on energy and environmental economics, technological change, policy evaluation and China’s governance. He is particularly interested in analyzing energy and environmental policies from an interdisciplinary perspective, and understanding China’s governance from the perspective of renewable energy […]

US-China-India Triple Entente in Bangladesh

Presented via Zoom

Panelists:Anu Anwar, Fellow, Harvard University Asia Center; Ph.D. candidate, Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International StudiesMichael Kugelman, Director, South Asia Institute, The Wilson CenterGeoffrey Macdonald, Senior Advisor for Asia, International Republican Institute Moderator: James Robson, James C. Kralik and Yunli Lou Professor of East Asian Languages and Civilizations, Department of East Asian Languages and Civilizations; Victor […]

Jie Gao – From Planned Economy to Planned Governance: Transformation of China’s Socialist Planning System

Common Room, 2 Divinity Ave. 2 Divinity Ave., Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Speaker: Jie Gao, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science, National University of Singapore; HYI Visiting Scholar, 2022-23Discussant: Isabella Weber, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst In China as in many other Communist countries, the evolution of socialist planning has been central to the transition from a planned economy to a market-oriented one. Conventional […]