Visiting Scholars Present: Taiwan Studies

CGIS South Room S250 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Fairbank Center visiting scholars will share the work of Taiwan filmmaker Edward Yang, research on Qing Dynasty Taiwan war preparations, and new findings on U.S. views of U.S.-China AI competition. […]

Taiwan Studies Workshop Panel Discussion: Elections in Taiwan 2024

Presented via Zoom

Speakers:Richard C. Bush, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Center for East Asia Policy Studies (CEAP), Brookings InstitutionJIA Qingguo, Director and Professor, Institute for Global Cooperation and Understanding, Peking UniversityWei-Ting Yen, Assistant Professor […]

Election Results in Taiwan: Assessing Their Impact on Taiwan’s Political Development and Cross Strait Relations

Presented via Zoom

Speakers:Douglas H. Paal, Distinguished Fellow, Carnegie Endowment for International Peace; Former Director, American Institute in Taiwan (2002–2006)Sarah Liu, Senior Lecturer in Gender and Politics, University of EdinburghJi Ye, Graduate Institute for Taiwan Studies, Xiamen University Chair: Steven Goldstein, Taiwan Studies Workshop Director, Harvard University Fairbank Center Presented via Zoom. Register at: Venue

Rethinking Taiwan and the World: Presentations by the Fairbank Center’s 2023-24 Fellows in Taiwan Studies

CGIS South Room S250 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Speakers:Shinyi Hsieh, Hou Family Postdoctoral Fellow in Taiwan Studies, Fairbank Center; PhD, History of Health Sciences Program, Dept of Humanities and Social Sciences, University of California-San Francisco - Navigating Geomedical Borders: A Critical Analysis of NAMRU-2’s Operations in Taiwan and Southeast Asia, 1955-1975.  Anatol Klass, Hou Family Predoctoral Fellow in Taiwan Studies, Fairbank Center; PhD Candidate in History, […]

Visiting Scholar Lecture featuring Po-Chang (Paul) Huang – Sleepwalking into a China-Taiwan War? The Underreported Crisis over Kinmen and the Danger it Entails

CGIS South Room S354 1730 Cambridge St, Cambridge, MA, United States

Speaker: Po-Chang (Paul) Huang, Fairbank Center Visiting Scholar; Research Fellow, Taiwan Public Opinion Foundation Discussant: Steven Goldstein, Director, Taiwan Studies Workshop, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies On February 14, 2024, a tiny Chinese fishing raft collided with a Taiwan Coast boat near the waters of Kinmen, a Taiwan-controlled island just miles off China's Fujian coast. […]