Film Screening: Mahjong (Ma jiang)

Harvard Film Archive, Carpenter Center 24 Quincy St, Cambridge, MA, United States

Mahjong is a game for four players, and the one who first collects winning sets of tiles wins. But the real game lies not in these rectangular pieces per se, but in deliberating what one already has and could afford to discard or how to acquire from others what one desires but does not yet […]

Film Screening: The Terrorizers (Kong bu fen zi)

Harvard Film Archive, Carpenter Center 24 Quincy St, Cambridge, MA, United States

Characterized as “Yang’s most difficult, intellectually provocative, and structurally challenging film” (John Anderson), Edward Yang’s third feature-length film is a puzzle with immense reverberatory power. The Terrorizers depicts the intertwining of love and death among three different couples: a young photographer and his literary girlfriend; a middle-class and middle-aged married couple whose mutual estrangement grows to the […]

Urban China Lecture Series featuring Cole Roskam

Presented via Zoom

Speaker:  Cole Roskam, Professor of Architectural History, Department of Architecture, University of Hong Kong Dr. Roskham's research and teaching engage topics in 19th and 20th century and contemporary architectural and urban […]

Environment in Asia Series featuring Jesse Rodenbiker - Ecological States: Politics of Science and Nature in Urbanizing China

CGIS South Room S250 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Speaker: Jesse Rodenbiker, Associate Research Scholar, Princeton University; Assistant Teaching Professor of Geography, Rutgers University-New Brunswick Discussant: Stevan Harrell, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Environmental and Forest Sciences, University of Washington; […]

Film Screening: That Day, on the Beach (Hai tan de yi tian)

Harvard Film Archive, Carpenter Center 24 Quincy St, Cambridge, MA, United States

A renowned young pianist, Tan Ching-Ching (Terry Hu) comes back to Taipei for the first time in thirteen years to give a performance. An old friend, Lin Jia-li (Sylvia Chang), gets in touch with her to reconvene over an afternoon coffee. That Day, on the Beach takes place over a conversation between the two female friends, during […]

Urban China Lecture Series featuring Zhu Fangsheng

Presented via Zoom

Speaker:  Zhu Fangsheng, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Duke Kunshan University Fangsheng Zhu is a sociologist and studies education, particularly the interactions between families, education providers and governments. His research topics […]

Environment in Asia Series featuring Timothy Brook

CGIS Knafel K262 1737 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA, United States

Speaker: Timothy Brook, Professor Emeritus, University of British Columbia Timothy Brook is a historian of China whose work has focused on the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) but extends to issues that span the […]