Nan-Hsu Chen

2022-23 Hou Family Fellow in Taiwan Studies; PhD Washington University in St. Louis


Nan-Hsu Chen received his Ph.D. in History from Washington University in St. Louis. His dissertation investigates how the populations of Taiwan evaluated, constructed, and reoriented their relationships with external political authorities in an East Asian context over the nineteenth century. He is currently working on a book tentatively titled “Global Resources and Maritime China’s Taiwan Frontier, 1860-1900.” He will trace various kinds of global, together with regional, resource flows into Taiwan, China’s major maritime frontier. Integrating local, imperial, and global elements, his analysis of the flows of resources will contribute to the history of the interconnected transformation of China, its maritime frontiers, and the world in the late nineteenth century.

Research Interests: Frontier and Resource, Qing Empire, Nineteenth-Century East Asia, History of Taiwan, Maritime History