• Associate Professor of History
  • aghosh@fas.harvard.edu
  • https://history.fas.harvard.edu/people/arunabh-ghosh
  • CGIS South | 1730 Cambridge Street | Cambridge MA 02138

Arunabh Ghosh is a historian of modern China, with research and teaching interests that span the social, economic, and intellectual histories of twentieth century China, transnational histories of science and statecraft, and Sino-Indian history.

Ghosh’s current in-progress book manuscript investigates how the early PRC state built statistical capacity to know the nation through numbers. He has conducted research for this project in Beijing, Guangzhou, New Delhi, and Kolkata, and his work has been supported by grants and fellowships from the Andrew F. Mellon Foundation, the American Council of Learned Societies, the Social Science Research Council, and Columbia University. Ghosh is additionally interested in applying digital methods, in particular text mining and bibliometric analysis, to the study of the early People’s Republic. To that end, he has been involved with the Fairbank Center’s Digital China Initiative and is collaborating with our past and current An Wang Postdoctoral Fellows, Paul Vierthaler and Donald Sturgeon. Future research projects include a history of dam construction in twentieth century China and a series of essays on 1950s China-India history.

This year, Professor Ghosh will teach a research seminar on the history of the PRC and a graduate seminar in general education (GSGE) on Asian environmental history.

Research interests: social, economic, and intellectual histories of twentieth century China, transnational histories of science and statecraft, and Sino-Indian history.

From the Fairbank Podcast: 

郭旭光教授是现代中国历史学家,他的研究和教学兴趣包括20世纪中国的社会、经济、思想史,多个国家科学与国家管理的历史,以及中印关系历史。郭旭光教授曾在北京、广州、新德里、加尔各答开展研究,获得包括Andrew F. Mellon Foundation在内的组织的资助。此外,郭旭光教授致力于发展以数字化方法研究中华人民共和国早期历史,活跃于费正清中心数字化中国项目。

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