• Henry Ford II Professor of the Social Sciences, Emeritus, former Director of the Fairbank Center
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Research interests: modern Japan; Japanese industrialization; rise of Japan communist society in China; Deng Xiaoping; United States relations with Asia; reform era China; the second Sino-Japanese War.

Ezra F. Vogel (1930-2020) was a student of both modern Japan and China. He received his B.A. at Ohio Wesleyan University in 1950 and his Ph.D. in sociology at Harvard in 1958. He then spent two years in Japan conducting research. In 1960-61, he was assistant professor at Yale University and from 1961-62 through 1963-64 a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard, studying Chinese language and history. He remained at Harvard, becoming lecturer in 1964 and professor in 1967. Professor Vogel succeeded John Fairbank as second Director (1972-1977) of Harvard's East Asian Research Center (now the Fairbank Center) and second Chairman of the Council for East Asian Studies (1977-1980). He was Director of the Program on U.S.-Japan Relations at the Center for International Affairs (1980-1987) and, since 1987, Honorary Director. He was director of the Undergraduate Concentration in East Asian Studies from its inception in 1972 until 1989. In 1993 he took a two-year leave of absence, serving as National Intelligence Officer for East Asia at the National Intelligence Council. He returned to Harvard in September 1995 to direct the Fairbank Center until 1999 and was head of the Asia Center from 1997 to 1999. He taught courses on communist Chinese society, Japanese society, and industrial East Asia. The Japanese edition of Professor Vogel's book Japan as Number One: Lessons for America (1979) remains the all-time best-seller in Japan of non-fiction by a Western author. He officially retired in 2000 but remained active in research and East Asia related activities until his passing in December 2020.

From the Fairbank Center's Podcast:

傅高义(1930年 - 2020年)于俄亥俄卫斯理大学完成本科学位(1950),于哈佛大学完成社会学博士学位(1958),自1964年起在哈佛任教,曾任哈佛东亚研究中心(现费正清中国研究中心的前身)主席、魏德海国际事务中心美日关系项目主任、东亚研究本科生课程主任。傅高义教授的研究兴趣包括现代日本,日本的工业化,日本共产主义社会在中国的崛起,邓小平;美国与亚洲的关系,改革时期的中国,以及中国抗日战争。傅高义教授还曾任美国国家情报委员会国家东亚情报员(1993-95)。

Deng Xiaoping and the Transformation of China (2011)

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