Too Small to See, but Big Enough to Matter

A recent study published by a Harvard-China Project postdoc, Shaojie Song, on the chemistry of fine air particles contributing to severe air pollution episodes in China during winter, shows why we should be concerned about things that we cannot perceive.

Can “Unlucky Number 4” Be Lucky Too? How the Chinese Superstition About “4” Made Possible a Study on the Health Effects of Air Pollution in Beijing

When the combination of a vehicle restriction policy in Beijing and the Chinese superstition about the number 4 led to just such a phenomenon, Harvard-China Project affiliate Professor Jing Cao and her fellow collaborators seized the opportunity to study the health effects of air pollution in Beijing.

Thieves and Spoilers of Their Own Land

Xiaoqian Hu, a Graduate Student Associate at Harvard’s Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies and a S.J.D. Candidate at Harvard Law School, describes how Chinese farmers mitigate conflicts between their livelihoods and the environmental concerns of local governments.